Sunday, September 27, 2009

ORCA: The Ondoy Relief Collection Aid

Note: deadline for pledges has been extended to 10pm!!

We are now accepting pledges from Alabang and Pampanga!

For all Ateneans and friends; if you live in Metro manila, feeling useless, and are
a.) Stuck at home with no transportion
b.) Banned from going to the affected areas to help
c.) Working on homework/thesis
d.) all of the above

Then fear not! We from ORCA need YOU to help us in collecting goods to bring to Ateneo to help in the relief effort!

We are a group of concerned citizens that have recognized the need for transporting goods from houses to the relief centers. If there is anything that you can pledge from your homes, whether it be food (canned goods, instand noodles), medicine, blankets, clothes, towels, water, or even money, then please do so!

We will be going around areas collecting the pledges the entire day on tuesday, September 29, to be delivered straight to the Ateneo campus to help in the relief efforts. So please donate whatever you can! Many people are still stranded and need our help!

For pledges, please email with the following format:

SUBJECT: ORCA (City of pick-up add)
Name - Amount (in money or items)- Address (Exact) - Contact number - Details of Drop-off/Pick-up

You may also pledge at the following celphone number:

with the following format:
Text 'ORCA-CITY-Name-Amount-Address(Exact)-Details for drop off/pick up'

Also, if you're willing to lend us you and your car for collection and delivery, then you may pledge those too! Please put in your email:

SUBJECT: Pledge car
Your name and contact number

Thank you very much! Let us all do our best to help out the victims of Ondoy! More power!